About The Atlantic Chapter

Sierra Club Atlantic is a vibrant grassroots organization that empowers people to protect, restore, and enjoy a healthy safe planet. We are your chapter of Canada’s only national grassroots environmental organization, working to bring your community’s concerns to the attention of regional and national leaders. Together, we are a credible, influential voice, working to make a better world a reality.

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What are we up to?

The Atlantic Chapter works through education and action to green the economy and protect the environment. We engage in projects designed to connect children to nature,  protect wildlife and wild spaces, and to offer solutions to climate change. 

Get in touch to become a member or find out more by calling our Chapter Director, Gretchen Fitzgerald at 902-444-7096.

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Greening Sierra Club Canada

As an environmental organization, it's crucial that we live the life we promote in our education and advocacy campaigns. In every decision we make, from our fair trade, organic morning coffee, to our 100% post consumer paper, to minimizing travel - we do our very best to keep our organizational footprint as light as possible...

Travel & Work

We encourage our staff to opt for sustainable options to get to work each morning. Our staff and volunteers cycle, walk or use public transit, while others telecommute. 

Tele/webconferencing is always our perferred choice when it comes to meetings.  We avoid travel as much as possible, but because we are in the "people-power"  business, circumstances do arise when face-to-face time becomes critical. When we must travel, we choose the train whenever possible or try to carpool with other colleagues. If air travel is the only option, we offset our flights. When we are travelling to meetings and conferences or when we are hosting our own, billeting with friends and colleages is always our first choice over hotels. 

Paper Products

Recycled SymbolPaper is gold to us, and we are continually looking for ways to reduce the amount we use.  We are not at zero yet, so any printing is on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and documents are always double-sided or printed on the other side of used paper. Our envelopes are sometimes re-used paper from old maps (very cool!). Whenever possible, we refuse hard copies in favour of electronic versions. 

Food and Drink

Fair TradeWe admit it. We love our coffee and tea. So, keeping in mind the impact of even just one professional life on the planet, our first choice is fairly-traded, organic coffee and teas, along with organic milk or cream.

 For staff events, instead of catering in, which too often includes huge plastic trays and utensils, and food that is not organic or local, we opt for sumptuous potluck meals. And what amazing culinary secrets we have to tell! If we absolutely must cater a meeting or conference, we find fair-trade, organic and locally-grown food whenever possible. And of course, we compost the table scraps.

Electricity Consumption

Switch OffWe never leave a light, computer, photocopier or other device running when not in use. Our kettle has an automatic shut-off. But in today's wired world, we have to rely on our computers for almost everything we do, so minimizing electronics and related electricity consumption has to be a priority.  We replaced desktops with laptops for our campaigners, from CRT (cathode ray tube - big) monitors to LCD (liquid crystal display - flatscreen), and achieved a reduction of almost two tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions!

 Office Equipment

All of our furniture is pre-loved and eventually recycled. Old computers and other electronic equipment are handed over to designated recycling depots. 


Want to take the plunge to green your office? Check out our Atlantic Canada Chapter’s Green Audit Guide.