No More Big Polluter Handouts - Canada Needs a Green and Just Recovery

Protecting species and ecosystems depends on your voice!

The federal government is about to give the Canadian economy a multi- billion-dollar kick-start in an effort to recover from the COVID-19 health crisis. With the upcoming Throne Speech and budget, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in a Green Recovery - a sustainable stimulus package focused on increasing employment and helping Canada transition to a cleaner and more equitable economy.

But some of Canada’s biggest polluters, like oil, gas and petrochemical companies, are pushing hard for the federal government to funnel recovery spending into their pockets instead. Over the last several months, the oil and gas lobby has had more meetings with government officials than any other industry.

Oil, gas and petrochemical companies are powerful, and they will try everything they can to dominate recovery spending. But the health crisis has taught us a valuable lesson - when we act together, we can overcome even the largest of obstacles.

This is urgent. Tell the federal government that you do not want billions and billions of dollars handed over to big polluters that will compromise our environment and accelerate climate change. Instead, demand that they invest in a Green Recovery, capable of shifting Canada towards a stronger, equitable, and more sustainable society.

Please send your letter below.

Thank you for taking action to demand a Green and Just Recovery.

Gretchen Fitzgerald

National Programs Director