Sierra Youth Executive Committee

Bianca Salive 
Sponsorship, SCCF Board Representative

Bianca holds an Environment and Business degree from the University of Waterloo and is currently a law student at the University of Ottawa.She currently sits on the executive council for the school's Women and the Law group, as well as their Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights chapter. Bianca is a dedicated and enthusiastic advocate, with an innate passion for connecting people with the natural environment surrounding them. Outside of her professional and academic life, Bianca enjoys hiking, kayaking, travelling, and spending time with her dogs Stitch and Tug. She is also an avid foodie, who loves experimenting with new and local ingredients. In the future, Bianca is looking to pursue a career in international and environmental law, and continue working to defend the rights of those being displaced by the effects of climate change.  

Claire Tian
Treasurer & Grants

Claire has joined Sierra Youth since April of 2016. Claire always has passions for international sustainability issues and she is interested in testing solutions to unsustainability problems especially social ones. During her second year of Master’s study, Claire decided to write her thesis about exploring the effectiveness of communication channels in disseminating information about sustainable community plans by using sustainability research as a domain. Claire Tian graduated from the University of Waterloo in January 2016 with a Master degree in Local Economic Development, and she has a bachelor’s degree in Environment and Business. Through the Local Economic Development internship program, she worked as a social entrepreneurship researcher for Independent Living Canada, a national not-for-profit organization providing support for people with disabilities. After her graduation, she started a one-year internship with the Township of White River-Winnie the pooh's hometown-as an Economic Development Practitioner. Recently, she has a new role as a Project Coordinator at Four County Labour Market Planning Board at Walkerton, Ontario. In her spare time, she loves hiking.

Darren Daniel

After living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for 18 years Darren decided to pursue education outside the Middle East. In the fall of 2013, Darren started his started at Carleton University. 

During university, Darren was introduced to the NGO world and since has been heavily involved in the sector by working with multiple organizations. Darren has worked on a variety of projects including community engagement, outreach, and database management. After four years Darren Graduated in November of 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies. 

Darren is a strong believer in social impact and change, as he believes transitioning to a green based economy is possible. He is motivated by the wide range of environmental success around the world, though the steps are small he knows it’s on the path to a greener future. In his spare time you can find Darren looking after his small garden and setting up a barbeque.  

Ichha Kaur Kohli
Events Coordinator

Matthew Brocklehurst
Communications & Community Building

Matthew is an environmental communicator, with a background in biology. He believes that climate change is the most pressing issue of the modern world, and that only by educating the public and clearly communicating the science and methodology to combat it will we be able to secure a clean and sustainable future. In May of 2016 Matthew completed a BSc at U of T, with a specialist in Biology, a Major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and a Minor in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology. Immediately following graduation he enrolled in the Environmental Visual Communications program, which is a graduate certificate program taught at the Royal Ontario Museum. He developed the skills to bridge the gap between science and the public by communicating science through new and engaging methods, such as photography, videography, graphic design and social media. Matthew spent several months in Vietnam, working for an organization helping smallholder rice farmers adapt to climate change. He saw that the consequences of climate change are already with us, and that it is imperative to communicate them to governments and the public. He hopes to continue to provide his communications expertise to environmental NGOs, and to help to educate the public on the importance of environmental issues. In his spare time he can usually be found reading, playing video games, or travelling the world.

Megan Sutton
Incoming Chair

Megan Sutton is a current MA Candidate in the Geography & Environmental Management Department at the University of Waterloo. Her thesis, supervised by Dr. Daniel Scott, focuses on the relationship between climate change and tourism in the Caribbean. In May 2017, Megan was invited to attend the World Tourism Forum in Lucerne, Switzerland as part of the Young Talents program. While there, she presented research on the decarbonisation of the tourism industry through solar energy transition. Megan graduated with her BA in Environmental Governance from the University of Guelph in 2016. In her final year, she completed an independent project on the potential use of policy to protect Northern and Southern Resident Killer Whales in British Columbia, supervised by Dr. Jennifer Silver. Over the last four years, Megan has worked as a Resource Interpreter for her local conservation authority, teaching educational programs on climate change, the local environment, and First Nations history to elementary and high school students. In her free time, Megan enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and reading about marine science.

Vicky Fenwick-Sehl
Outgoing Chair

Vicky Fenwick-Sehl joined Sierra Youth (then named the Sierra Youth Coalition) in mid-2016 and became the Chair in June 2017. She completed an undergraduate degree in Political Studies and Environmental Science at Queen's University in 2013. While at Queen's, she was a member of the student activist group Queen's Backing Action on Climate Change (QBACC) which led campaigns to stop quarries and pipelines, and encourage divestment. She also completed an undergraduate thesis, supervised by Dr. Jonathan Rose, analyzing the electoral success of "Green" political parties in Canada, Australia, and Germany.

In 2014, Vicky moved to the University of Waterloo where she completed a Master of Climate Change (MCC) the following year. During her tenure at Waterloo, she completed a Major Research Paper on shifting attitudes and behaviors towards climate change under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Burch. She was also a Research Assistant with the Earth System Governance Project, also supervised by Dr. Burch, until early 2017. In addition to being a member of the Sierra Youth Executive Committee, Vicky is also engaged in the sustainability sector as an Evaluation Support Fellow for the MIT Climate CoLab.