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Welcome to our action centre! Here you'll find our most recent Action Alerts outlining critical issues and ways you can take action to help.

Feb 18, 2015   —   You might have seen the Globe and Mail story on RCMP intelligence reports suggesting Sierra (along with Greenpeace and Tides Canada) are contemplating unlawful activity around petroleum infrastructure. I’m pretty sure Tides and Sierra are not, and Greenpeace might be thinking about erecting a banner somewhere. Frankly, this kind of stuff coming from “intelligence” sources seems to be more about...   —   Take Action
Feb 9, 2015   —   This spring and summer, people in Ontario may spot an armed convoy passing through their town. Heavily armed guards will be protecting trucks carrying thousands of litres of HIGHLY radioactive liquid waste containing enriched (weapons-grade) uranium. It will be the most dangerous transport of nuclear waste ever attempted in Canada. Atomic Energy Canada Limited (AECL) is planning to truck the...   —   Take Action
Feb 3, 2015   —   Urgent Action Alert February 4, 2015 Dear friends, Government members of the Federal Standing Committee on Health are using their majority to force a very quick review of the Pest Control Products Act (the law that governs the licensing of pesticides in Canada). The Act--like many laws--contains a mandatory review clause, which means the Standing Committee on Health must undertake an examination...   —   Take Action
Jan 21, 2015   —   Killing wolves without purpose I have to report an ongoing travesty. In the name of protecting Woodland Caribou, the Alberta Government has killed more than 1000 wolves using poison, traps, and guns from helicopters. Hundreds of other animals have also been killed, including moose and elk to bait wolf traps. Others have died by eating poison intended for the wolves. It’s barbaric and senseless...   —   Take Action
Jan 18, 2015   —   Re: EBR Registry #012-3068 Attention: The Honourable Glen MurrayOntario Minister of Environment and Climate ChangeEmail: gmurray.mpp@liberal.ola.org The Honourable Jeff LealOntario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural AffairsEmail: jleal.mpp@liberal.ola.org Dear Ministers: The under signed organizations wish to express support for the pollinator protection plan and the proposed...   —   Take Action
Jan 11, 2015   —   Time to restrict ALL uses of neonicotinoid pesticides As you know, Ontario plans to restrict the use of bee-killing pesticides. In 2014, the Ontario government announced it intended to restrict the use of neonicotinoid pesticides. In order to develop the plan and regulations, the province began conducting consultations and invited the public to comment. A number of these public consultations...   —   Take Action
Jan 6, 2015   —   Dear friends,Hope you had a great holiday break! We did and we’re back, refreshed, and ready to go!It’s going to be a great year for the pollinators--I can feel it. But great things come from hard work, so we have to roll-up our sleeves and get to it. Let’s get started with the #SaveTheBees Tour and Ontario neonic plan (see below). As always, a sincere thanks for taking action.   —   Take Action
Dec 9, 2014   —   One of the most appalling environmental tragedies in American history, the Love Canal, is sending its toxic legacy to Sarnia. About 80 truckloads of material—deemed too contaminated to remain in the ground near a residential area of Wheatfield, New York—are headed for Sarnia. There are several reasons to be concerned. Sarnia residents, and those who live along the truck route from Love Canal...   —   Take Action
Dec 4, 2014   —   Have you ever wondered why there needs to be a Sierra? This billboard is all the explanation necessary. It seems ‘Friends of Science’, Canada’s own climate change deniers, have rounded up some money from Big Oil for a campaign in Montreal and Calgary. Why? It is a classic disinformation campaign to counter important global talks on reducing greenhouse gas emissions that got underway this week...   —   Take Action
Oct 9, 2014   —   Flupyradifurone is a new neonicotinoid pesticide from Bayer. That’s right, another one! Here is what Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has to say about it: “Flupyradifurone may pose a risk to bees, non-target beneficial arthropods, and freshwater and saltwater invertebrates when used for foliar application. Flupyradifurone may pose a risk to birds and small wild...   —   Take Action
Sep 30, 2014   —   Our Ontario heroes at the Green Energy Coalition (GEC) have saved Ontario-rate payers billions on their gas and electricity bills over the years.They did it by convincing the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to uphold and enforce strong energy efficiency rules.It is the hard slogging research, legal, and economic work that gets little attention or recognition because it's complicated, boring and...   —   Take Action
Aug 25, 2014   —   My brother liked to throw things at me shouting “THINK FAST!" Now I’m doing it to you! August 29th is the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's (CNSC) deadline for comments on its “Hypothetical Severe Nuclear Accident and Effectiveness of Mitigation Measures" report. You can send yours here. Sorry for giving you so little time. Back in 2012 we all urged the CNSC to consider what would happen if...   —   Take Action
Aug 13, 2014   —   Take Action
Aug 10, 2014   —   The National Energy Board (NEB) is continuing its undemocratic approach to pleasing its master: the oil industry. Most recently, the Calgary-based rubber stamp is trying to use the summer to hide yet another concession. On July 11th the NEB said it was going consider a request from Imperial Oil and Chevron to weaken the rules for offshore drilling in the Arctic and gave the public until August...   —   Take Action
Jun 8, 2014   —   The Gulf of St. Lawrence is an exceptional, highly productive ecosystem supporting abundant flora, fauna, spawning and migration of over 2200 marine species while being at the heart of the economy of the provinces that surround it through fishing and tourism. Coastal communities have always depended on the Gulf of St. Lawrence for their livelihood. For instance, the sustainable industries of...   —   Take Action
May 28, 2014   —   Did you hear the bad news? This is what 300 scientists are saying about the Northern Gateway environmental assessment: Failed to adequately articulate the rationale for its findings; Considered only a narrow set of risks but a broad array of benefits, thereby omitting adequate consideration of key issues; Relied on information from the proponent, without external evaluation; Contradicted...   —   Take Action
May 23, 2014   —   JUNE 17, 2014 Today the federal cabinet approved the Northern Gateway Tar Sands pipeline. It’s a decision that could define our times. We are witnessing the final stages of a protracted wrestling match between our future and our past. Can we afford to let this decision stand? Aren’t our children--born and unborn--depending on us? I’m not going to go into all the reasons why...   —   Take Action
Nov 11, 2013   —   It appears nothing has been learned from the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The Federal Government just announced that it has removed the requirement for environmental assessment for exploratory wells drilled in licenses areas, after the first well in any given "area" is drilled. In Atlantic Canada, just what constitutes an "area" will be left to the discretion of offshore boards...   —   Take Action