Do YOU know the quality of air you breathe? Many people do not. 

Air quality (AQ) and its impacts are rarely discussed. It remains a silent killer. 

Breathe Easy is looking to change that.

A little bit about Breathe Easy:

  • We are a citizen science initiative driven by volunteers and advisors
  • We're tracking air quality throughout Ottawa. We are on the hunt for ‘hot spots’, where the air pollution levels are potentially dangerous to our health
  • We have also been researching work by others, gathering current information in this subject area
  • We are cooperating with a research group from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
  • We are continuing to expand the project. Interested in volunteering? Fill out this form! 

Check out what we've done:

What do we know so far?

  • While Ottawa's single government-operated AQ station tends to report AQ in the low risk range, we have found many air pollution hot spots across the city where AQ is clearly in the dangerous range

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